Soulmade Freedom Community

Let's navigate this journey together to find freedom and the fulfilment of your soul's mission and purpose

Do you want to create a life that is meaningful for you and for others? A life that serves a purpose, and that is worth being lived? A life in which you enjoy the freedom to be yourself, and you have the courage to express who you are at soul level?

Many people try to create this life in ways that does NOT bring freedom and the fulfilment of a life purpose. 

I know, because I tried them all.

This is how it usually goes.

First you find a good job, or you start a business to find financial freedom. Soon you find that it takes up all of your time. You do a lot of things you don’t like doing. You don’t feel freedom at all, on the contrary: you feel burdened by your responsibilities.

When you don’t reach your financial goals, you feel frustrated. Worse: you might feel like you are a loser. In a society where an important part of your identity is tied to what you do in your professional life, this is a big problem.

When you do reach your financial goals, you also have a problem. You end up feeling empty (in fact, the day that I reached the 100.000 euro goal in my business was the worst day of my life). Now what? Find a new career? Earn more money? For what? It is not as if you have time to spend it.

 At this point, people normally do one of these three things:

The first option is to simply continue with life. You ignore your inner doubts and you try to live up to the expectations of others: your family, your boss etc. You don't think too much about your dreams - if you can even find them. You keep yourself distracted with social media.

The second option is to find more freedom by creating a life in which you need less money and status. For example: you start a creative or a more ‘basic’ career, or even start living in a campervan, and become a digital nomad (I have done them all).

The third option is to start looking for your soul mission, so you do not have this empty feeling. You want to do something that has meaning for you; that is an expression of who you are at soul level, and that has a positive impact on the world around you. 

Here is the problem

Most people want to find their soul mission or life purpose the same way they plan their career: by thinking about it, by setting a goal in the outside world that they want to reach, and by making a strategy to reach this goal based on rational decisions.

I discovered that this is not how it works. This is NOT the way to find freedom and fulfilment at soul level. Happiness doesn’t just happen once you live in a campervan, and your soul doesn’t listen to reason.

Sadly, In our society, we simply haven’t learned to do it in another way. We are so used to living in our heads. We have been stimulated to ignore our emotions, and our intuition. We are distracted by all the diversions and demands in the world around us. For all these reasons we have simply lost the connection to ourselves, to nature, and to other people.

These are the biggest misunderstandings, that prevent us from finding our soul mission or life purpose:

1. Your soul mission or life purpose is not a goal to be reached. If you think that your soul mission is something you can find, it is also something you can miss. That means that your soul mission can be your biggest treasure, but also your biggest failure. This is not a healthy way to look at your soul mission. It helps if you see your soul mission as a journey or a daily practice.

2. You do not find your soul mission or life purpose on a pink cloud. Instead, you will find it when you say yes to the ‘call to adventure’ to go on a journey of transformation. You will meet your dragons: your fears, and inner critics.This is in fact the good news, because they are the gatekeepers to your soul.

3. When you learn to work with your dragons and you connect to your soul, it wants to do two things: to grow, and to express itself. This process wakes up new dragons, who want to prevent you from showing yourself, and be vulnerable. If you find the courage to do it anyway, you will find the ultimate freedom to express who you are at soul level. This is your life purpose.

This is Soulmade Freedom 

If you learn how to find the connection to your soul on a daily basis, you can survive everything. You have the courage to face your dragons, and this gives you so much confidence and strength. You can say no to the demands of the world around you, and say yes to your own dreams and projects.

Better yet, you are not only surviving, but you finally LIVE. You know yourself and you know what is important to you. You connect to your inner child, and find your own creativity. You start creating on a daily basis, instead of postponing the projects that are most important to you.

Money, meaning and purpose 

You finally create the things only you can create, in a way only you can: art, books, songs, a business, a meaningful career, presentations, a Youtube channel, an online training, a new hobby, new life styles etc. You learn how to listen to your soul and you align it with a sensible strategy to share your creations with the world.

If you learn how to do this, you will make money and find fulfilment at the same time. You not only learn what you want to do most in life, but also how to do it, in a healthy and sustainable way. In this way, you create more abundance and wealth than if you work from your ego, and continue on willpower.

Come join the Soulmade Freedom Community to master these skills together!

Together we will navigate the journey to:

✓Find the FREEDOM from fears that are holding you back
✓Go on an inner JOURNEY with CURIOSITY and COURAGE as your guides
✓Create HABITS that keeps you connected to your soul
✓Connect to your INTUITION as the GPS to your CREATIVITY
✓EXPRESS yourself in a business, a book, art, or any other way you like
✓So you can create ABUNDANCE and wealth in any form you like
✓Become the CONFIDENT LEADER of your life
✓ Have a positive IMPACT on the world around you
✓And last but not least, have FUN when we are on this journey

Please note that the end results can be different for everyone. This community is all about finding your own version of Soulmade Freedom, not anyone else’s. Besides, the destination is often less interesting than the journey itself.

Why is it important to join a community, if you go on a personal journey? 

Your fears will hold you back when you work alone. Your dragons are smart, and often so much louder than your soul. You need others to support you. Moreover, you learn so much more about your own dragons, intuition and creativity when you are supporting others.

Together we will create habits that keeps us connected to our soul on a daily basis. Most people loose the discipline, or get distracted by the outside world when they do this alone. When we go on this journey together it will be so much more effective, inspiring, and fun!

You will find new friends, and a valuable network. Together we will make this world a better place, not because we know better, but because we do better.

This Soulmade Freedom Community is for you when:

* Freedom is one of your core values. You want the inner freedom to be who you are, to express what your soul wants to bring out in the world, and to be visible with your purpose.

* You want to find ways to deal with your emotions and (inner) critics, so fears are no longer holding you back. You want to drop your defensive masks that keeps you safe, but unfulfilled.

* You are looking for a life purpose that guides your career/business choices and other important decisions, without turning it into a straitjacket, or a heavy responsibility.

 *You want to make a positive contribution to the lives of the people around you (in a business, in a job, in books or art), or even be an inspiration for a larger audience.

* You are not chasing money by putting aside everything that makes life fun, but you do not spit on money either. You want to be valuable, and you want to be valued.

* You are courageous enough to ask for help, and you want to support others to become the best version of themselves.

How does the Soulmade Freedom Community work?

The practical details

How to apply 

If you want to become a member, or if you have any questions, please click on this pink button. I'll offer you a Free Soulmade Freedom Consultation. This is a 1-on-1 conversation on the phone or an online meeting, where we can talk about your dreams and your questions. If you are interested, I will tell you how you can apply for the membership of the Soulmade Freedom Community.

It could be that you hesitate to book this session. I hear you. My dragons always start shouting when I get an offer for a free session. They are simply afraid to say yes to a transformation, even if it is good for you. My tip would be to give your dragon a big hug, and to book the session anyway. 


The best way to find out how the Soulmade Freedom Community works, is to join us. If you find that this is not for you within the first two weeks of your stay, you are free to leave the community and I will give you a full refund. If you have any trouble after these first two weeks, contact me and we will find a solution.

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Who is Ellen de Dreu?

PS I am writing a book about my journey: "Ellen in Wonderland”. I am also creating a one-woman-show for festivals and other events. I will give you more information in the e-mails that I will send you after you have signed up for my free ebook.

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